Besafe Toddler Car Seat Stretch B 1/2/3 (40-125 cm) Peak Mesh Grey

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Besafe Toddler Car Seat Stretch B 1/2/3 (40-125 cm) Peak Mesh Grey
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The rear facing 2-in-1 car seat that fits your child from birth till 125 cm and 36 kg. Not dependent on ISOfix, which allows you to mount the seat in any position in your car. Has passed the world’s toughest crash test: the PLUS test.

  • Fits your child from day 1 and until 125 cm and 36 kg!
  • Best built-in leg space on the market: 26 cm
  • Passed the world’s toughest crash test
  • Sustainably designed for longer usage

Why did we make BeSafe Stretch?

Most parents say that they turn their kids forward facing around the age of 3-4 years. But did you know that the safest option is to be rear facing for even longer? With this as a backdrop, we’ve put all our effort into making a seat that truly takes into account that it needs outstanding performance in crash tests even for children from birth all the way to 7 years. Consumer insight has shown that an issue with rear facing seats is that the kids grow out of the seat due to their weight before they reach 125 cm. So we set a hairy goal of Stretch being able to both bear the weight of 36 kg and enough leg space for older children. No other car seat manufacturer has ever managed this before. As we’ve made child car seats since 1963 we took all these years of experience and put it into the development of this one seat.

Revolutionary safety concept with an external frame keeping your child safe from day 1 and all the way to 36 kg and 125 cm

  • Passed the world’s toughest crash test: the Plus Test
  • One-of-a-kind Baby Shell™ for unique protection from birth
  • Impact absorbing seat shell materials and construction
  • Additional side impact protection SIP+ that easily slides on to the seat
  • Protective and soft headrest with innovative Dynamic Force Absorber™
  • Approved to the latest UN R129 regulation
  • Allows children to always travel 5x safer rear facing from birth until approx. 7 years of age

State-of-the-art functionality for easy everyday use

  • Belt installation makes it possible to place anywhere in your car*
  • Lower tethers with built-in retractors making it easy to install correctly
  • Easy lock-off and tensioning mechanism enables anyone to get a sturdy installation
  • Magnetic Belt Assistants™ makes getting in and out of the seat easy
  • Adjustable recline positions even after installation
  • One-action adjustment of headrest, belts and leg space

Individualized Comfort

  • Soft Newborn Hugger™ for stability and support of the smallest
  • Exceptional comfort with 5 recline positions
  • 10-step adjustable headrest to grow with the child
  • Lots of space for growing legs, all the way to 26 cm
  • Huge seat shell providing freedom to move while child is secured
  • High-quality materials

Function & features

1. Exo frame
The unique external frame on the seat will truly bear the forces in a frontal crash.
In addition, the seat shell has a very rigid spine that will make sure your child is kept in a stable position in an impact.

2. Unbeatable leg space
The leg space on Stretch is easily adjusted with this front brace.
Adjust as your child grows, all the way up to 26 cm.

3. Easy belt installation
Finally! Belt installation made easy. In just a few easy steps you can install the seat with the car’s internal belt.
Retracting lower tethers making it easy to install correctly. Easy lock-off and tensioning mechanism enables anyone to get a sturdy installation

4. Flexible installation
Being belt installed means you are never dependent on having ISOfix in the car you are using.
You can install it in the passenger seat and in any position on the rear bench (including the middle).

5. Baby Shell™ + Newborn Hugger™
Keeping your tiny one protected and comfortable from day one with extra side protection walls and cushion for an ergonomic position

Product details

  • The seat is approved under The latest standard for car seats: UN R129 (specific vehicle)
  • The height of the child defines when the seat can be used. Stretch can be used from 40-125 cm
  • The max. weight of the child can be 36 kg
  • Your child can use the car seat from approx. 0 – 7 years 
  • The seat is installed with the car’s internal 3-point vehicle belt
  • The car seat is purely rear facing
  • The car seat is weighing 12,5 kg
  • 100% Polyester
  • All fabrics are following the strict REACH standards

Sustainable innovation

We know we’re not only responsible for taking care of the safety of our children today, but also making sure we do our part in making their future as green and safe as possible. When we made BeSafe Stretch we made sure it would be sustainably smart:

  • We use more durable materials such as aluminium and exchanged vulnerable EPS with sturdy EPP.
  • In addition, we have managed to make the exchange of parts a lot easier, so that we easily can repair them if needed.
  • This combined has expanded the lifetime of the seat to about 15 years

We’ve made a few videos that should help you get the most out of your seat.
You’re also able to see and download user manuals.

Product Details

BeSafe develops and markets car seats, bike seats and sports helmets for children. Our product development is highly focused on safety, which is continuously resulting in new BeSafe products being launched featuring innovative patents and functions for enhanced safety. We always strive to take the lead with products of high quality meeting stringent safety requirements.

For this reason substantial sums are invested annually in research and development. Furthermore, BeSafe collaborates extensively with research institutes, organizations promoting Road safety and traffic related medical institutions worldwide.