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My Carry Potty® My Little Training Pants Ladybug 3 pcs 18-24 m

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My Carry Potty® My Little Training Pants Ladybug 3 pcs 18-24 m
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Glide through potty training with our toddler training pants. Designed for comfort and to catch little accidents, these reusable pants make the transition from nappies easier.

The reusable My Little Training Pants from My Carry Potty are perfect to support you and your little one in the transition from nappies to toilet training. Reusable training pants mimic the feeling of wet underwear, allowing toddlers to recognise when they need to be using the potty.

What are they made from?
These training pants are made from a cotton blend, designed to be super soft against your little one's skin!

What else will I need?
These pants are ready to go and can be used on their own! However you may want to check out the rest of the My carry potty range if your little one is showing sings of readiness to use the toilet!

How do I use it?
Washable training pants work in a different way to disposable pull-up pants. They allow your child to feel wetness, which promotes their recognition of when they have wet themselves. Thus, helping to speed up the toilet training process. These pants have an underwear-like fit and a pull-up style, helping to promote independence as they look and feel like big-kid pants.

We recommend using these around the home or garden, with nothing over the top while your child is learning to recognise when they are wet. They will contain one small wee, and will need then need changing.


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